Simultaneous Thermogravimetry

STA 449 F1 Jupiter

Fascinating Flexibility in Thermal Analysis 

The STA 449 F1 Jupiter combines unlimited configuration flexibility and unmatched performance in just one instrument.

  • Thermal stability, decomposition behavior, composition, phase transitions, melting processes to be analyzed comprehensively and quickly
  • Easily to use top-loading system with exceptionally precise balance resolution (25 ng resolution at a weighing range of 5g) and highest long-term stability
  • Interchangeable sensors for DSC measurements with highest sensitivity and best reproducibility for reaction/transition temperatures and enthalpies as well as for measurements of specific heat (videoclip for sensor exchange)
  • A variety of optional system enhancements for ideal system adaption to user-defined applications
  • Various furnaces, easily interchangeable by the user, available (optional a swiveling double hoisting device for two furnaces) - please see accessories
  • Pluggable sample carriers (TGA, TGA-DSC, TGA-DTA, etc.)
  • Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) for up to 20 samples
  • Automatic evacuation and refilling (AutoVac)
  • Plenty of accessories, e.g. sample crucibles in the most varied of forms and materials
  • Unique for STA: temperature-modulated DSC (TM-DSC)

By supplementary MS and/or FT-IR coupling even more comprehensive analyses are possible.

All these features make the new developed STA 449 F1 Jupiter the ideal tool for thermal analysis of materials in the fields of research, developments and quality assurance.

Technical Data

Temperature range
-150°C to 2000°C
High-speed furnace 
RT to 1250°C
Heating and cooling rates
0.001 K/min to 50 K/min
(dependent on furnace)

Weighing range:
5000 mg

TGA resolution:
0.025 µg

DSC resolution:
< 1 µW (dependent on sensor)

inert, oxidizing, reducing, static, dynamic, vacuum

Integrated mass flow controller:
for 2 purge gases and 1 protective gas

Vacuum-tight assembly:
up to 10-4 mbar (10-2 Pa)


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