LabV - The lab data platform 

Making data in testing labs available, accessible and analyzable.

AI-Enhanced Data Management Platform

Digitization and Artificial Intelligence Enabling the Materials Testing Lab 


Complex data preparation, scattered data, and limited insight into historical data, alongside manual processes and the absence of interfaces for measuring devices, are just some of the challenges faced by many labs. 

But, there's good news - turning things around is more straightforward than you think!

Learn how you can make your data in test laboratories automatically available, easily accessible and quickly analyzable. End the era of spreadsheets and paper documents in your laboratory! 

LabV offers effortless and secure data management – regardless of existing test devices, methods, and IT infrastructure - Now also with an AI-powered digital assistant for enhanced insights.

LabV Intelligent Solutions GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NETZSCH Group. 

LabV: Cloud-based software solution that enables centralized access to all lab data

  • Automatic reading of test and additional data
  • Management of test orders
  • Quick data evaluation using integrated statistical functions and visualizations
  • Centralized material database for recipe/material comparisons
  • Search through the entire historical database
  • Structured data basis for intelligent predictions and optimizations
The AI-powered digital assistant facilitates data analysis and enables laboratories to generate insights effortlessly. Similar to ChatGPT, LabV creates visualizations, identifies trends and uncovers complex correlations with simple commands.
Figure: LabV Software with imported NETZSCH DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) Measurement

Perfect Combination: LabV and Thermal Analyzers by NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing

LabV can be seamlessly integrated into any lab device, including NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing's thermal analysis instruments, such as thermobalances, differential scanning calorimeters, dynamic-mechanical analyzers, and dilatometers, just to name a few. 

This synergy allows for the efficient use of LabV's extensive features, including automated data evaluation, data post-processing, and report generation. 

It simplifies laboratory work, optimizes data management, and enhances collaboration within and between laboratories.

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