Differential scanning calorimetry

DSC 300 Caliris Classic

Smart and Easy-to-Use Quality Control System 

Robust instrument with attractive price-performance ratio 

Easy-to-use, robust, precise, optimized for everyday use – these are the features of the innovative DSC 300 Caliris Classic. The unique design of this instrument encompasses everything needed for successful DSC investigations – regardless of whether the user is a beginner or an experienced professional. Above all, it is the innovative software that sets new standards: the already established AutoEvaluation and Identify now meet the next generation of data management LabV, which keeps track of the collected data and organizes it for a smooth laboratory workflow.

The DSC 300 CalirisClassic offers:

  • a compact design for more space in your lab
  • smart software that allows you to get started quickly with DSC measurements
  • automated measurement and evaluation, making routine easy

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Technical Data

Temperature range
-170°C to 600°C
Automatic Sample Changer
For up to 20 samples and references
Heating/Cooling rate
0.001 K/min to 100 K/min

Enthalpy precision:
± 0.1% for indium

Specific heat determination: Optional

Temperature modulation: Optional

Gas atmospheres:
Inert, oxidizing, static and dynamic operation

Automatic Sample Changer (ASC):
Up to 20 samples and references, optional


Cooling device options:
Compressed air cooling (RT to 600°C)
IC40 (-40 °C to 600°C)
IC70 (-70°C to 600°C)
LN2 (-170°C to 600°C)

Indium Response Ratio:
> 100 mW/K
(Mean value, related to indium as standard material under measurement conditions typically used for polymer investigation)

Heating/Cooling rate:
0.001 K/min to 100 K/min
(Maximum rate depends on temperature)


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