dynamic mechanical analysis

HBU 523 Gabometer

The Intelligent Universal Flexometer 

Accurate measurements of heat build-up or blowout processes and the determination of the thermal set can be realised by our HBU 523 Gabometer system – a development based on the established Goodrich Flexometer.

Both force- and elongation-controlled tests can be carried out with this state-of-the-art type of flexometer. The HBU 523 Gabometer is suitable for improving the thermal dissipation and the durability of semi-finished tire components, dampers or absorbers.

Additionally, the new generation allows for measurement of the material stiffness (E modulus, tanδ option) and damping.

Your Advantages

  • Heat build-up and blowout tests according to Goodrich (DIN 53533, ASTM D 623, ISO 4666/3, ISO 4666/4, BS 903 part A50 and JIS K 6265)
  • Goodrich flexometer tests
  • Static: strain or stress controlled load mode available
  • Dynamic: strain or stress controlled load mode available
  • Wide frequency range (option)
  • Wide temperature range (option)
  • Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) for fully automatic testing (24h) (option)
  • Simultaneous measurement of the visco-elastic properties (option)
  • Visco-elastic properties in DMTS/DMA mode (option)
  • Hysteresis analysis (option)
  • Pulse load mode available (option)

Technical Data

Dynamic Strain Range
up to ± 15 mm
Static Deformation
up to 70 mm
Frequency Range
30 Hz
0.0001 Hz to 100 Hz (optional)


  • Temperature Range:
    -160°C up to 300°C
  • Test Specimen Size:
    Diameter: up to 30 mm (optional < 40 mm), depending on model
    Length: 25 mm


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