Fire Testing

TNB 912

Non-Combustibilty Tester

Fire testing device for non-combustibility tests on building products with electrical heating tube in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1182 

The “TNB 912 Control” measuring and control unit – with its integrated Single Board Computer with Windows operating system, TNB software and high-resolution color touch display – is used for setting parameters and controlling the test furnace in stand-alone mode. Automatic digital control and monitoring for a linear increase in furnace temperature guarantee an extended product lifespan for the heating element. The use of innovative digital measuring technology ensures a high degree of stability and reproducibility. Numerous interfaces enable connectivity to peripheral devices for the fast and convenient export and transfer of data. Connection to an external PC or notebook allows for extensive data analysis and printing of test reports as per the relevant standards. The highly stable power supply of the TNB 912 test system is suitable for use with any of the customary power networks worldwide and completely compensates for supply voltage fluctuations. Well thought-out details along with the use of high-quality materials guarantee the TNB 912 test system a long product life and a low degree of wear and tear.

Features at a Glance

  • High-quality coated steel base frame for stable positioning of the furnace
  • Stainless steel casing with precision heating tube for long-term maintenance-free use and long product life
  • Power supply designed for any power grid worldwide with full compensation of voltage fluctuations
  • Metal mirror with stand for safe observation of the sample
  • Sample holder with basket made of heat-resistant CrNi alloy
  • Copper calibration block with NiCrNi thermocouple
  • 4 NiCrNi thermocouples for measuring the furnace temperature
  • "TNB Control" measuring and control unit with SBC, 32-GB SSD, Windows, color touch screen, measuring and control modules and interfaces 1x RS232, 2x USB,1x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Single license for TNB software
  • Long product life of the heating element thanks to automated control, monitoring and linear heat-up
  • High stability and reproducibility
  • Protocol creation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1182:2020
  • High data storage capacity directly in the device
  • Ability to outsource data on a USB stick and via network in many data formats
  • Programmable acoustic signal for monitoring of the device
  • Transfer of error messages via network
  • Accessories for standard tests included (options according to technical specifications)


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